Hey guys,

First off hey, I just joined today and I'm looking forward to being a part of the community

Anyway, so I was looking at a video of Muse performing and I noticed Matt picks at the nut and produces a harmonic type sound. I've seen a few other people do this as well, so it got me wondering how do you do this?

Here's the video for reference (3:49 - 3:55)


Thanks guys in advance
Im pretty sure he is hitting the strings on the left of the nut, and also it seems like he is using a whammy of some kind so it makes an even cooler effect. Im not 100% sure though
Thanks a load for replying but when I do it it doesnt seem to make any noise really. Is there a certain way of doing it?
^^^Thats what I just said but in a different way lol. Anyways, I'm not sure how its audible when put through an amp, and it can't be mic'ed because it sounds like hes using the whammy with it. Hmm...