k, heres the situation:

birthday in august,

currently playing a fender squier 3/4 p.o.s(my little bros guitar)

i have been playing for about two years, but i have been doing nothing but practicing for the last 6 months

my dad has given me a $200 budget for my birthday(ya i know a good guitar is gonna run alot more than that), and i am in desperate need for advice on what i should look for.

the style i prefer is all around metal, but i tend to stay away from nu. i am also doing punk on occasion to appease some of my future bandmates.

im trying for new, but used will definately have to do considering the budget.

the amp im currently running is a mg15cdr, but a new amp is gonna be coming, dont know the specs yet.


thanks in advance guys, i know how helpful this website is already
Well if you need a new guitar for $200 look used
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best idea would be to take the $200 as cash, stick it under your bed and save until you can afford something decent. $400 would get you something giggable. Then again, if you are playing a 3/4th sized guitar, buy a squire or something so you don't look like you're holding a toy.
It is really hard to find a good guitar for $200 (let alone for metal). But check out some ibanez's... they have decent one's for $250. Stay away from lower-end Dean's also. You can also get a G400 for $250. I can get a pretty good metal sound out of mine with the help of some Distortion/OD pedals.


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try to find a charvette...
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Save until you get 350$-400$ as someone here said. Then you will get a decent guitar.
Parroting the previous suggestion of saving. I'd go for the $300-$600 range, though.

And always, ALWAYS go used. If you're not confident that you know what to look for, bring somebody you trust who's been playing for a while.
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Use the 200 dollars to save up for a new guitar. Also, think twice before you get a metal guitar. I'd rather have a guitar that can play all genres, not just metal.
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Craigslist it up, ive seen good guitars for 200.
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Might check out some of the entry level Jacksons. I don't know how this year's bunch are but my first guitar was a $230 Jackson Dinky, and with a decent amp it was alright for like a talent show or whatever. normally I'd go with the guys saying "save," but you're stuck with a 2/3 scale guitar, man. Hopefully you can get a job soon.