Amplifier modelers DO sound good, if you have the proper gear.
Crit 4 crit.

Gear: (in this order)

Greg Bennett Concorde III Guitar (Seymour Duncan stock pickups)
Behringer Tube Ultragain Mic200 preamp (12AX7 tubes) + Lowpass filter
M-Audio Jamlab USB Interface
Amplitube Metal (my custom 5150 Preset)
ENGL 4x12 Center Cabinet IR

- Addictive Drums for the drum track
- Cakewalk TTS for the synth and bass

Now the cabinet simulator of Amplitube is horrible, so I bypassed the Cab simulator and used a cabinet impulse (more info at www.guitarampmodeling.com).
Made 3 guitar tracks, 2 that are hard panned and that is dead center for rhythm
2 Lead track (with an octaver pedal) and a separate track for the solo.
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Hey, used the advice you gave me, updated the link in my post
Let me know what you think, listening to your song at the moment.
Not sure what the tone used to sound like but the tone isn't bad on the new mix. Maybe slightly fuzzier than my taste....but not bad. Playing was excellent and the drums have a good tone for not being live...although cymbals were a touch too loud i would say. Let me see how you pulled the solo off......nice...solo was well played. i like the touch of delay you used on the leads. Good **** man!

Take a listen to my cover of the Quiet Place if you're bored...
Oh yea, a definite improvement in the guitar tone. I liked that much more, you could hear the harmonization of the rhythm guitars a lot better and they were mildly percussive without assistance from the drums.

The hesitation on the leads is seems to be gone, which helps those leads flow and emote. Nicely done sir.

Up to 8.5, 9.5 if you got some nice Anders-ish vocals on there, lol.
I'm trying to find decent a decent synth VSTi that sounds like the one in the song.
If either of you know any, let me know.

Might do another IF cover this week.
Love it. The tone is very good, but no vocals just kills the song a bit Anyways, the guitar playing was excellent, the solo was well played too! The drums sounded very good, but the cymbals were just a tad too loud and the overall volume of the drum kit was too low in my opinion. In the actual song, you hear the drums more and that adds a lot of energy and power to the song.

Great job! 8.5, love this song.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1208609
As said before.... a bit fuzzy sounding rythm guitar.
A little to much gain maybe?
A part of the solo sounds a bit messed up I think at 2:49.
Otherwise I think you nailed this song pretty good!