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none you nerd.
32 17%
73 39%
26 14%
19 10%
34 18%
all of them, all the marios!
4 2%
Voters: 188.
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all of them

8/7/09 man, the pear broke loose.

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Super Mario 64 FTW!
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just a few of my fans..


i'm a big mario fan, i guess.
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I wish i had all of them
I only have about 4

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I think I've owned 3 or 4. I've never been a fan.
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31... It would be less, but I counted when my brother randomly bought an n64 and some games for it. I'm laughing so hard because the Wario game from Virtual Boy is on there.. hah. That game was so hard.
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25 hahahahah wow, didnt realize how many i had... tho mario was all i would play
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12 :d
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yeah im not at gc dude, i dont live there.

just kidding i have like 10

8/7/09 man, the pear broke loose.

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Rule #2 - The Boss is always right
Rule #3 - When the boss is wrong see rule #2
wow i never stopped and counted how many i had before........ 44, well 45 if you count that super mario frustration one (still can't beat that wtf)

edit: oops completely missed the last row of games in that pic, soooo 49, !@#$ i'm such a nerd
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I know people who are obsessed with Mario and they piss me off so much with it. Thus for I despise Mario.
Only owned 4 Mario games. (I owned some Wario and Yoshi games in game boy). I grew up in a family with 4 siblings, the only games we were allowed to buy were ones that we could all play together. (Mairo Kart, Mario party). Most single player games caused fights.
Mario Tennis for GBC and NES Open Golf were the two single greatest fucking games on this genealogy tree.
12, I thought I only had a few.
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lets see, from that family tree list I've played (bold ones are the ones I don't own an actual copy of)...

Donkey Kong (Arcade)
Donkey Kong Junior (Arcade)
Mario Bros (Arcade)

Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros Special
Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario Land
Super Mario Kart
Super Mario Kart 64
Mario Kart: Super Circuit
Mario Kart: Double Dash
Mario Kart DS
Mario Kart Wii
Dr. Mario
Super Mario World
Mario Golf: Advance Tour
Super Mario RPG
Super Mario 64
Mario Tennis (GBC)
Mario Tennis Power Tour
Wario Land II
Wario Land 4
Warioware: Twisted
Warioware: Touched
WarioWare: Smooth moves
Super Mario Advance
Super Mario Advance 2
Super Mario Advance 3
Super Mario Advance 4
Paper Mario
Super Paper Mario
Yoshi's Island
Yoshi's Island DS
Super Mario Sunshine
Super Mario Galaxy
Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
Super Mario 64 DS
New Super Mario Bros. DS
I love Mario
EDIT: Just realised that Yoshi's Island and that count, and Luigi's Mansion, and I forget about the Paper Mario's...
Fvck it, I've had a lot of Mario Games, 20+
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6. But I used to rent a lot of the others. Back when renting games was still good.

In all seriousness, i have played a few and owned a few. i'm not the biggest mario fan
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I have like 3. Super Mario Bros, Paper Mario, and Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door.

The Paper Mario games are some of my favorite games of all time.
I only have/had 9

I've played more, though.
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I own such a large percentage of the mario games ever made that I can immediately spot an ommision on that list at a glance.

They forgot the mario bros game on the atari. Yes there was one, I have it on my desk.
I counted 15.

Yoshi's Story = Epic
Sunn O))):
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42, Im a nerd and I love it.
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Paper Mario on the N64 is my personal favourite.

I have owned around 10 in total.
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Plum Team FTW!


i had the very first one for that old Nintendo system, i forget the name of it but you had to blow into the game to make it work.
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