went to my local gc yesterday and absolutely fell in love with the fg730s. it's right in my price range and wow, the beautiful music she made. :]

right when i'm about to plunk down the cash for it, the salesman brings over an fg735s. this threw me into just enough of an indecisive mood, that i held off on the fg730s. after poking around, i can't seem to find virtually any difference between the 730 and the 735, except for the fact that the 735 only comes in a vintage cherry sunburst. whereas the 730 comes in natural, tobacco sunburst and cherry sunburst. other than that, they appear to be identical. is this really the case? are they tacking on an extra $50 just for a finish? (which i didn't care for anyway.) or is there something i'm missing here?
Yeah, I'm looking at the specs and the only difference I can see is the finish and the fact that the 35 has gold tuners while the 30 has silver, but I don't see anything else different.
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