theres this band i like a lot, mainly because their bassist has an amazing tone, and i want to be able to get somewhere close to it. heres one of there songs.


pretty cool song, and the bass is sweet too.

ive got a squier active jazz v and an swr la 12 amp.

any help would be awesome. thank you
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The guy in the video is playing an upright, and although I'm not sure that's what was actually played on the recording you're going to want to boost your lows and mids a bit, and play closer to the neck.

Basically try to get as warm a tone as possible, reduce the volume on the bridge pickup or roll off the tone if you feel the need.

I'm not so good at imitating other peoples' tones but that's my two cents, hope it helps

EDIT: Definitely not recorded with an upright

At least not the part starting at 2:30. There you're going to want your tone and bridge pickup on all the way I think, it sounds like he's playing with a pretty aggressive attack there too.
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