I have the Cubase SX3, Cubase LE4, Deckadance, FL Studio 8, and my Digitech RP350.

Now I would like some tips about home recordings, introduce me new programs... and anything else you wanna say...
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experiment. when you find hours and hours of time, set up mics in different places etc. set mic up down a hallway from the amp, and especially experiment with mic drums...
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Get a Zoom H4 or Zoom H4n, and use Cubase. Experiment with mic placements. Learn how to use the software. Take a class.
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It's definitely important to experiment with where your mics are setup, that will definitely change your sound.

In terms of a program I often use Audacity which is free and works fairly well unless you're recording a butload of tracks
It's better to use the ZOOM-505 II instead the RP350?
And where can I find those ampsims?