Poll: Favourite Ice Cream?
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View poll results: Favourite Ice Cream?
16 14%
11 9%
9 8%
15 13%
Neopolitan / Multi-Flavour
2 2%
Toffee or Fudge
9 8%
5 4%
Other Fruit
7 6%
Double Chocolate!
8 7%
Other (Specify)
35 30%
Voters: 117.
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Hello everyone, what is your favourite flavour of ice cream?

Personally, I don't like ice cream that much, but am interested to know what everyone else likes!

Poll on the way...!
can't beat vanilla imo..

(milly vanilli, kudos to anyone who gets the reference)
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and cookie dough
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Ben and Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie
Ben and Jerry's Creme Bru Le
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Ben and Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie
Ben and Jerry's Creme Bru Le

I just looked up ben and jerry's crem bru le, and it looks so good omg
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Vanilla with fruit is best, or cookies. Sometimes I like some chocolate ice cream in my vanilla, about 35% chocolate.
I also like chocolate sauce on vanilla, but not too much.

Vanilla and hot apple pie is good too. I always thought McDonald's should do that since they sell both.
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yes indeed
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mint chip or phish food. although i do like a good sherbert now and again.
I have no opinion on this matter.
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Poll lacks Cornish.

Thus, I conclude:

Fail poll is fail.

The best ice creams are as follows:

Raspberry Ripple
Neopolitan, but without the vanilla.
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