This might be the wrong fourm, but its electric guitar related so i thought i'd put it here.

I know this is a stupid question but does anybody know the fret radius of like a 1962 or 63 strat. I'm looking to buy new frets and i just love how they fell when I bend and even when I play chords, if nobody knows the exact radius what fret size should I get that would be close to it. I can't really explain the feeling of these other then "floaty". It feels alot easier to use vibrato and bend, while playing chords it feels like my hands are above the fretboard rather then touching it, I guess kind of like a scalloped feel.

---- I like the "floaty" or scalloped feeling when i play chords, and i like the frets that are easier to bend on. -----

If there is any thing else I need to say just ask, I'm not to smart with much anything with guitar.
Just ask for low vintage-specified fretwire. Do you have the 7.25 fretboard radius in your guitar? Because it's a VERY important factor which influences the playability of old Strats, nowadays Stratocasters mostly have bigger frets and 9.5 radius which has a different feel.

Oh, and actually since the vintage frets are very low, it's weird that you feel that you do not touch the fretboard - actually you touch it A LOT. I had a vintage specified '62 RI Japanese Squier - it had the very same vintage radius and vintage-style frets - I constantly touched the fretboard. Still, it felt really comfortable, of course
Yup, most likely.

BTW - on 7.25 radius you can't actually bend much because the note dies quickly if you overbend the string, it's because of the curved fretboard, that's why you gotta have your action pretty high on vintage-specified instruments. Because of that most people say that 7.25 is best for chords and pretty weak for bends and soloing, but I actually beg to differ - and it's nice to meet someone who thinks the same
haha dont get more started on the thinking the same ive been trying to find somebody who thinks the same as me on alot of things and have been over 14 yrs hahaha.