okay, so everyone's probably sick of these, blah blah blah. sorry. but i've been playing bass for four years, and i'm still on an ibanez gsr200 due to my very, very small budget. my band is about to go on tour, and it's just not gonna cut it. recently i came into some money by winning guitar pedals in a contest, which i'll never use, so i sold them at about $150/pop. i'm also planning on selling my bass for about $100, and i have an extra $50 stashed somewhere. all this comes out to about $600, so i'm looking for a decent bass in the $450-$600 price range. also, it must be a five string as my guitarist runs a schecter damien-7, and staying in key with him on a four-string is horrible :P. we play psychadelic hard rock, kinda influenced by hardcore and metal, and i use popping/slapping and rythmic tapping almost as much as i play fingerstyle. i've looked into both the schecter stiletto series and the traben array and series, and they're both to my liking, but i'd like to get some other opinions. thanks!
The Traben array is fantastic. I would also suggest the Traben Phoenix as well. It is great for the kind of music you play and i love it for slapping.
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I'm getting a new bass with a similar budget. I'm getting an Ibanez ATK but it was a very close call between that, Mexican Fenders and the Rockbass Corvette and Fortress.
(As soon as I get a job I'm saving up for a fretless Corvette.
Schecters are AMAZING for their price range. Go for the stiletto 5-string
thanks guys, um could anyone give me pros and cons? i know the schecter stiletto series is a little narrow in the neck, for example
Quote by Redxrock
thanks guys, um could anyone give me pros and cons? i know the schecter stiletto series is a little narrow in the neck, for example

I've only played a stiletto once.. the neck is really narrow but i liked it. If i were you i'd play one before purchasing it.
Slapping on a Schecter may take some getting used to because of the tight string spacing, but all around they are great basses. Do try them out if you can though, as they are not a everyone's tastes.

thanks again, i was up at guitar center yesterday and tried out a few basses, with the schecter elite-5 definitely coming out on top. you guys were right, the string spacing was a bit tight, but nothing i can't deal with. it was close between the studio-5 and the elite-5, but i found the studio-5 to be very top heavy compared to the elite (almost the same bass, what the heck?) the action was amazing, made tapping really smooth (we cover DMV by primus, this is crucial haha) so i'll probably end up ordering it today. appreciate the help.