this site i found it on says its a Flextone II XL 2x12" but when i googled it, a bunch of Flextone III XL 2x12" and even google did that, "Did you mean..." with for the III.

someone help me out?
im trying to figure out if its a good amp and how much it's worth. where i found it, it'd being sold for $300
The flextone II was the older, supposedly better, model of the Flextone III. 300 bucks is a good deal, jump on it.
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Looks like a line 6 amp to me.

(Serious answer-) Yah, it's probably a flextone II, heres Google Image results, they are identical.
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Yep, that's a Flextone II, just an older version. Thats a pretty decent deal.
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