well here is the deal. i made a song, but i'm not sure if i should just use it the way it is, intrumental. or i should add vocals to it. plus how does it sound to begin with:P C4C for sure


Can you think of any lyrics to put over it? it sounds pretty good by itself. post up another version with vox, so we can compare.

catchy riffs btw

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Another word for "voice" or "Vocals"
Often used in band description to shorten the or otherwise generalize the word "vocals" or "singer"

Derived from the latin word "vox" meaning voice.

Also a quite famous guitaramplifier.

Cool song btw (by the way)
Reminded me of RHCP (red hot chili peppers) ok, that's enough fun :-)
I'm a nice guy !
Nice chords going on there,interesting material, but try it with vocals..or more instruments such as keyboards/synthpads..Keep up the good work,you have talent for songwriting.

c4c you say ?
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