Vocals and guitar. I'm not a singer, but I figured I might as well since I was doing the guitar for it anyway.

Everlong (Acoustic) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRdOlq_0GXE

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You are amazing. The fact that you have paramore next to disturbed shows how awesome you are.
Here, an awesome medal. It's made out of awesomnite.
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Thank you!
I would give you an awesome metal, but
I can't find any awesomnite.
Not bad, you sound kinda unenthusiastic during the choruses but its not bad.
Breaking stereotypes by playing indie on a metal guitar.

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wow that is amazing, u have a voice similar to grohl yourself ya know. awesome cover
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killer cover, dude! vox were pretty decent too, they fit your acoustic version really well!
was ok.
i think you got the bridgy kinda slide up thingy wrong though...
vocals need more energy.
and i can here the vocals from the guitar track. which kinda sucks.