Well ive noticed that when im playing fast stuff, my arm tenses up and i was wondering if there are any suggestions on how to work on becoming more relaxed when i play
I just pretend like i'm playing good, and i relax and do a little better than before.

EDIT: This works GREAT at guitar center, because of everyone sucking on MG's and Spiders all around you, and you with the Vypyr/Valveking win.
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You standing or sitting? If standing, is your guitar acting as a crotch shield or do you look like Tom Morello? Try switching it around.
You may just not be used to it, in that case practise more often. Either that, or it's a psychological issue. So, just think positive and try and calm yourself down.
im sitting, but its only on the fast runs, and my guitar is right where i like it standing, its not too low, but its not super high
Slow it down a bit to where you can play relaxed. Gradually increase the speed, but stop everytime you start tensing up again.
I know It sounds stupid and looks weird, but your muscles stiffen up because of lactic acid building up if you lift your arm up it helps to loosen it. I don't know if this is exactly the answer for guitar, but if you ever watch professional pianists, you will notice this and that's why they do it.

build up speed slowly. your too tense because your obviously not used to play fast. and you want to PLAY the guitar not work it.
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