Love this guitar but need some cash for car repairs It has the sustainer in the neck, it can be switched between normal and harmonic mode, you can see the 2 little toggle switches for the sustainer in the pic below. Seymour Duncan pups in the bridge and middle positions, mahogony body, ebony fretboard, double locking trem. This guitar SCREAMS!!!

Guitar is in good condition with normal wear and tear, has a little indent on the body below the toggle switches (see pics), electronics all work. Looking for $400 plus shipping for guitar AND case....................these sold for around $1200 brand new I believe.

I'll accept paypal and cash if your local. If you live within a few hours I can meet you. Feel free to ask questions or request more pics. Thanks!








pity it doesnt have an OFR or i would have been all over this :/
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Damn nice guitar, if only I had the money.

Free bump for a fellow Michigander.

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I'm very interested in this. Do you still have it?
Do you have any eBay feedback or similar?
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