OK about 6 months ago I realised that my fingerstyle technique needed to really improve. So i've spent the past couple of months getting it to have a decent tone and can now play 2 fingers alternating up and down the strings well as also use the draging technique going back up the strings. Now my left hand has also improved so I now don't have any fret buzz and my fingers are always parallel to the fretboard and I never use my wrist to fret notes, just fingers.

However, when I fret a note it all sounds well and good but upon releasing the note, I always get a tiny little frettbus that lasts for just a small fraction. My question is, is this normal? and if it's not how do I fix it?
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Will raising the action really help that much, cause right now it's set up sweet for fast runs and mark king slapping, So I only really want to raise the action if I really need to. But I think you could be right