Anyone ever play this game on Super-Nes or Genesis?
Super corny fighting game based around shaquille o neal stumbling into an alternate dimension and having to rescue a kid named "nezu" with his martial arts skills.
Epic lulz storyline.

It's often cited as "the worst video game ever."

It's so bad in fact that the game's website is now committed to buying all copies from people who still own it, in order to "liberate" its existence.

I have a copy, im not giving it up.


Was it THAT bad?
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Was it THAT bad?

It is safe to assume so.
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I swear to god I read 'swine flu' for a second.
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I have it and I can verify it was THAT bad
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Has the Angry Video Game Nerd done it yet?

Also it can't be as awful as this:

I thought this said Shag Flu. I was worried there was a new STD going around...
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Has the Angry Video Game Nerd done it yet?

Also it can't be as awful as this:

hey, I liked that movie when I was a kid. Especially the part when it rained skittles/m&ms.
I had it for Sega, was alright at the time... Im sure it would be awful now.
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I wonder how much they're paying? I know I used to have that game for sega, I could probably find it if I looked...

Does it give details about how to sell it to them on the site anywhere?
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I swear to god I read 'swine flu' for a second.

I read "shag-fu", and was expecting something about a sex-based martial art
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Awesome, dude, just awesome.
It wasn't THAT awful, I remember enjoying it when I was like 7.
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^So do i.

I wish they said how much they are selling it for on the site.
I saw some copies at a movie trading co. i was just at for 2 bucks a piece,

If the website gives 10 bucks,
i could make a little profit,
keep my original so when its all sold back to that company it will be rare and worth more.
I have a copy of it for both Genesis and SNES. Yeah it sucks, but I've managed to beat it several times.
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