My bands have started playing shows, and I've discovered how much of a ridiculous hassle it is to load and unload halfstacks, especially when we keep them in basement down a tiny staircase... Anyway, I'd like to get a cheap tube combo for portability's sake. Right now I own a Dual Rectifier and a JCM800, so I'm looking for something similar. A JCM800 combo would be perfect, but I's rather haul around a halfstack than shell out that much money. So far I've got my eye on the B-52 AT112, and maybe the Randall RG50TC. Is there anything else I should be looking at?
I've got a 2x12, but it's homemade and doesn't sound the greatest. It's not bad, but not amazing by any means. It also has a tendency to cause feedback more than my 4x12, so I just use it to practice in my room. But I play bass in one of my bands, and other people (who don't understand impedance matching no matter how many times I try to explain it) use my guitar gear. A combo would be less stuff they could potentially screw up. And it would be nice to have one less cable to worry about.
Well, if you put it that way, then yeah, that B-52 well serve you well. Might not sound as crisp or clear as your 800, but it'll still work. Might want to check out the bugera's in that price range.
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If you're sure you want a combo, go for the b52. I own one, they are amazing for the price. It's a poor mans mesa, and the sounds can back that up.
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i have seen jcm combos for $400-450 on craigslist. what is your nearest major city? what is sitting out there? the b52 and rg50tc are both nice amps, good choices new. edit: traynor ycv50blue? o.0
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