ok, i just bought a gibson custom from my friends dad. he claims that it was made for and played by Steven tyler of aerosmith. i looked up the serial number 82629754 and all i discovered was that it was made in 1989 on the 262nd day in nashville.

now im wondering if theres is a way to confirm that it was made for him. it still has strings on it that look about 10 years old, so im guessing someone important used it because it hasnt been played in that long
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ask stephen tyler!
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No way to confirm at all really. It's unlikely that it's true, but Tyler has/had a **** ton of guitars.

The old strings probably mean nothing. It probably just wasn't played.
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I'm guessing there isn't any certificate to certify that lol. I think you either just have to take his word for it and believe him, or realize you got lied to. Either way, doesn't matter if you enjoy the guitar.
If its a custom and he ordered it direct from gibson they might be able to tell you if it ever was his. But as its tyler we are talking about never really known him to even play guitar much less own very many. Sounds like somebodies dad was blowing a little smoke. And old strings just means its probably been sitting in a case in a closet somewhere for a while.