Ok, I've been playing for nearly a year, I can sing and play, keep rhythm pretty good. There's a talent show at a country club nearby, celebrating what we call 'Junior week'. I only recently heard about it and I have a strong urge to try it out. However, most of the songs I've learned either require a full band to sound good, or are too obscure for people to know(Big Me by the Foo Fighters, stuff like that), so I'm asking you guys:

What would be a good single-man song to play at this show? I practice for around 3-4 hours a day, so difficulty isn't a factor, but it should still be relatively easy to play considering that the show is about a week away.

In b4 I cum blood, fire and flames, hey there delilah, green day
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times like these acoustic by foo fighters
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The Bards Song
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times like these acoustic by foo fighters

Didn't know they had an acoustic version. Sweet, I'll try and look that up. Any other song ideas that won't horrifically scar children? Aka no baby-punching?