Stupid question time - just moved my amp down to the basement so I could crank the volume up way higher so my wife doesn't hear it. Thing is where I live our house is always very dry but our basement is very humid. If I move my guitars to the basement will this do any damage over the long term?

A guy at the local guitar store told me it would?
it would. but only if u store them there i think. but who wants to drag an amp up and down stairs just to play for a bit?
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Ya - so far I've been keeping my amp in the basement and storing my guitars upstairs. Not such a huge deal for me to carry the guitar to the basement to jam for an hour or two.
Would a dehumidifier do the trick? It works at my house but it's not too damp( either that or the dehumidifier is working really good).
humidity = death for high end guitars
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Keep your guitars upstairs. Unless you want to destroy them! But you probably don't
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if you put some of those dehumidifier packets in the case and keep your guitar in the case i think it would be fine.