hey guys
So I'm thinking about starting a telecaster build. I want to style it after the classic thinline ones and put an f hole in it. The big problem is, i don't know how hollow it out for the f hole. I'm also nt sure what to use for wood. i'm thinking like alder or maple but I dont know what would be better. Any other suggestions are welcome!
Use alder for the body and maple for the top.
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you don't "hollow it out", you build it like an acoustic. Not an easy thing to do at all.

Ohhhh I see. Yeah I was totally confused on how that worked. Thanks!
...or you could route some hollow areas that you think look reasonable and then just put a top on it.
You get the body wood, and route out the chambers and then glue a top onto it.

Like so... (big pics)

Chambers marked out


Routed out chambers (personally I would use a template to make it look neater, and definately a sharper router bit to stop the burning)


Then glue the top on


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I don't know how to do it, but tele's with f holes look awesome.

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