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Who are some artists doing this?

Daron Malakian plays lead and sings for the band Scars on Broadway. He doesn't really do anything impressive though.

Now Brad Paisley. Im amazed at how good he is at guitar and singing and doing it altogether.

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I was contemplating this earlier today, Paisleys the only one I could think of
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Pretty much all music is good to me.
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Dave Mustaine plays some solos, could count him I guess.
The Singer/Lead Guitarist from Black Tide (he's an arrogant prick, btw).
Matt Heafy plays his fair share of solos and such.
Rolf Kasparek of Running Wild
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Kurt Cobain did but we all know he was neither a great singer nor a great guitarist.
But he actually did have a 4th guitarist to help him for a while. Jason Everman...
Dude from Wolfmother.
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Claudio Sanchez. Well, technically him and Travis switch off being lead and rhythm, but I guess it still counts...
Also, SRV

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Momie's like not even a real person, just an asian, lesbian spirit.
yeah dave mustaine, matt heafy, alexi laiho, rob flynn has some solos, muhammed suicmez, mikael akerfeldt

just off the top of my head.
Mattias Eklundh
Christophe Godin
Paul Gilbert, pre-GOMY
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John Mayer, Jack White...


and...Susan Tedeschi.

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Knopfler and Thomas Erak are the only ones I can think of currently. Oh, and Hendrix, I guess.
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alexi laiho playing kissing the shadows live is it on youtube. it's a bit sloppy, but when you're playing that fast and signing at the same time you can't expect much better.

zakk wylde as well.
and i'm pretty sure jus and liz from electric wizard both do solos, but before liz joined jus did all the solos.
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Thomas Erak from The Fall of Troy. The stuff he plays is already insane enough without the addition of doing almost all the vocals for the band.
Matt Tuck from Bullet for my Valentine, sometimes he plays solos
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...Crap thats all I can think of
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Lead Guitar + Lead Singer = Lead Douchbag in the band
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That was a bit sloppy but I couldn't do any better... so I'm impressed.

he's always so hyper and jittery, and it makes him sloppy sometimes. but he always says "sorry" in his beautiful french accent, so i forgive him.
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Matthew Bellamy from Muse comes to mind. As does Mikael Åkerfeldt from Opeth.
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