Has anyone here had any experience with this pickups? What do you think of them? Are they really versatile? I'm thinking about taking out the crappy (albeit cool-looking) stock pups, putting some into my Fender '72 Tele Deluxe RI, in order to fatten up the tone/ make it a bit more Les Paul-y, as well as add versatility. I play mostly pop punk, indie, and alternative music, similar to MCR, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Manchester Orchestra, The Kooks, Death Cab For Cutie, (Old) Panic! At The Disco, and Green Day. What do you think?
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i've heard they're surprisingly high output. seymour duncan has them listed as moderate output on their website, but i've heard as a full humbucker they're pretty hot.
they do a decent humbucker, good single coil, and an alright p-90. its not the best of everything, but its as close as you can get if you want your cake and eat it too.

overall, its a very versatile pickup, and sounds pretty good on all levels. the guitar they were in when i played them was mahogany body maple/ebony neck, it could ALMOST do LP tones and ALMOST do strat, and alot in between.

i'd recommend them if your looking for versatile, but your influences kind of hint that it might be overkill, tonally. a simple h/s/s combination would probably work for you too or two humbuckers coil split. its up to you.