i already mute the higher strings with my picking hand and the lower strings with my index finger. the problem i'm having occurs when i need to do a quick pull-off then hammer on involving my index finger. for example:


let's say i'm playing that using my index and my ring finger only (index on the 5th fret, ring on the 7th). as i move from the 5th fret on the b string to the 5th on the g, i'm careful to cover the b string (my index is always touching it) so as to not create noise on the high e and somewhat mute the note on the b string. the problem i have is when playing this on moderate to high distortion, a sharp, piercing harmonic noise rings out from lifting my index off of the fretboard, even if my finger still rests on the string. it's noticable enough when repeating this riff that i have to ask for help. my gear checks out, so the harmonic is definitely coming from my technique. does anyone have any advice that might help me get rid of the harmonic that would also work at both a slow and fast tempo?
when u move to the G string, try flattening ur fretting hand over the b and e. if u do this with more than one finger (experiment with firmness) then u shouldnt get a harmonic back.

or u can try to angle ur picking hand so ur lower palm touches the b string firm enough to not get any vibrations.
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thank you, much appreciated. i had a rough idea of something like the techniques you mentioned, but i had no idea if i could have any reasonable amount of success with them. i'll definitely practice those
My personal advice would be to barre the 5th for both played strings with your index, and lift your ring from the 7th to get the 5th there, and grab the 7th on the G a little low so the fattie part of your finger tip touches the B string, thereby muting it.
This may not be as effective for different licks, but thats how I'd play that particular piece.

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I actually picked up my guitar and looked at this, but I was only able to recreate your particular problem by lifting my index off of B@5 very quickly, like 7p5p0. If I just 7p5 and ignore the note, the 5h7 of the lower string quickly overpowers it. If you barre the 5th, even without muting the higher note it should be drowned out.
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