Hey, i'm wondering if they make a whammy bar/ tremolo device for guitars with string thru-body TOM bridges. I know they make the stetsbar for guitars with les paul styled tailpieces, but i've been looking really hard for a whammy were I would have to make any real modification to the body. does anyone know about anything I could use or recommend finding?
Some kind of Bigsby maybe? Although that's more of a straight tremolo rather than the dive-bombing style that I think you're looking for.
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Thats gonna be a pretty tall order. If it had a stop piece there are options. But as a string thru you only have 2 existing holes to mount to. Your gonna have to drill or route for any kind of trem.
if i do bring something like a stetsbar, schaller lp tremelo, or khaler to get installed on my dean v, how much would it be? I really dont want to go messing around with my self, drill the holes in the wrong spot, and **** it up.
You can't really mess it up, as long as you're very careful when drilling.

About $100-ish.
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What problems did you find with the stetsbar? I checked their website and it says they fit without ANY modifications (routing or drilling). They are pricey though. Sorry if I misunderstood your post.