well, I went back to finish a song I started a long time ago. the first riffs are probably the best I've ever written which is why I really wanted to finish this one.
structure is lacking, it just kinda moves along farther into a deep pit of awesome. or not awesome. :/ whichever
I don't know what to think. I really believe that it gets far less interesting as the song goes (reason #1 of why I brought back the beginning at the end)

whatever, blah blah blah. I always type too much here and no one reads this stuff.

but basically, give thoughts. I'll return crits.
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Quote by Its_Rock77
it just kinda moves along farther into a deep pit of awesome.

And that about sums it up too.

It's good to hear a song from you though, always liked your stuff.

Not a whole lot to really crit here really.

A little better mixing wouldn't hurt. Some pan on the guitars, a little more bass.

Thing's sometimes felt a little cluttered as well. Mostly the fault of RSE as the clutter was reduced a fair bit in midi. Still it seemed sometimes the drums just needed to back off a little bit and let the lead guitar do its work.

There were also a couple transitions and tempo changes that were a little iffy.

Still yes. Awesome and more awesome.
Amazing intro, really cool Lead Guitar, awesome Riffs, great Solo, what's more to say? It's perfect as it is. A job well done.
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