So... I wanna do a Guitarfetish build here soon... partly to keep me occupied/for fun, partly to give me something to practice wiring and stuff on, and if it turns out nice, perhaps a guitar to take to the seedier gigs I'd rather not take my beloved Gibson to.

I searched, and I couldn't find a terribly definitive answer to my question: Are the GFS bodies, necks, and hardware total trash, or are they playable?
i heard that GFS pickups are nice, but everything else is pretty bad.

i don't have any firsthand experience with them however.
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Yeah, I'm aware of their reputation for pickups, but honestly, I've never heard anything about any of their other stuff.
ya i heard they wernt the greatist, shud work fine enough for giging tho
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Their hardware is fine.
I don't know about their necks and bodies though.
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as Far as GF quality is concerned they make very good Pickups and I would choose an Xavier guitar over SX or Douglas instruments and the DIY Kits aren't bad for what they are.
the Samba Kits from Grizzly.com are probably the best kits with the best grade lumber you can get online but you will pay the difference for the better wood quality.
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Somebody did a GFS build here, and it turned out well. Good for money for the body and neck. Dunno about hardware, but it seems good. Like at least an upgrade for cheaper guitars like under $400.

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Thanks for the replies, guys... I'm not looking to do anything fancy, just their Monaco Yellow telecaster body and one of their necks with a set of the Lil' Puncher XLs. If I order everything from them (excluding tuners, which I won't cheap out on), it comes out to somewhere around $220 for the whole thing.

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