is it me or does it suck now cause there is not a host(although latley they have had a couple) but tonight devildriver is hosting and acutually announcing vids.
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NO were not."-metalocalypse
ya i seen tht too. its pretty sweet but theres like 3 or 4 actuall metal vids, thats nowere near enough lol
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It's always sucked. Three quarters of the stuff they play is D-grade metalcore and hardcore and the rest of it is the metal that the genuine metal community isn't interested in. I don't knock people for liking it, but I can't stand it.
I tried watching it, it's mostly a bunch of shitty generic metalcore bands with fans who like them just because they scream/growl, with rarely any good stuff. Plus I don't listen to alot of recent music so VH1 classics does it for me.
Yeah i agree, they need a host. A host that puts music vids that you headbang to.. Although they do have a good video every now and then.
yeah i no i miss the days of triple thrash attack and ricky (im only 15 lol) i hate these core bands
"you have a short attention span...

NO were not."-metalocalypse
It sucks because they mostly play mallcore. And I think they have Opeth's Grand Conjuration but they cut half of the song off, which ruins it.