So my friend ,that is the singer for my band, is beginning to learn guitar. I'm just helping him along the way, but he says that if he gets "good" his parents would buy him a guitar set.(He's borrowing my acoustic at the moment)

Now, there's nothing wrong with that, but he said his parents would probally let him get something for 1000+, and that's the guitar. Yeah, I'm kinda pissed, but hey, i can play it every once in awhile.

Anyways, We were wondering what would be a good set for maybe 1k on guitar, and...maybe 500> on amp? He's just starting, but he'll probably play pop rock ( AAR, Mariana's trench etc)
rofl this reminds me of the "don't you hate when beginners get awesome gear bla bla bla..." thread.

Maybe a Gibson SG Special/Les Paul Studio? and a Vox Amp? I'm not as knowledgeable with amps tho.

EDIT: Just thought I would say the reason behind my comment so you can have more opinions from which to make choices from . Well, I like Gibsons, but I generally don't favor them. However, they seem to be trendy now (?) and your band will be pop-rock, so I guess it kinda fits... Then again, a Fender Strat/Tele would serve the same purpose.

On amps, I just like Vox for stuff that isn't br00t4lz, but then again, I haven't had a lot of experience with a great variety of amps, so don't take my word for it
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When he gets the guitar he should go try some and pick one. You should be there to help guide him though. You can also stop him from buying/being drawn in to buying a Spider 3 amp because beginners usually go "OMG this is so kewl with the effectzorz and different amp sounds!!!!" like i did. Luckily, i never bought one and realized how bad they sound.

For an amp suggestion i'd say maybe a peavey valveking. I can't remember how much the combos cost but it should be in that price range. Also look into the b-52 AT-112.
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damn lucky
my first eletric was a telecaster clone

ask him what sort of guitar he thinks looks or seems the best to him and then move on from there. Once he chooses the body shape you can help him choose one that is actually good.

for amps i would say not to get him a tube or a stack. since he'll most likly break something. so something solid state and combo. there are some good line 6 out there you could suggest the flextone or something
Either a Fender or a Les Paul Studio would be my guess.


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Ask him if he wants a "normal shaped guitar" and what color and if it's cool or not. Because that's probably all he knows and all he cares about.
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