Okay, so I thought I'd just figure this out on my own but I'm stumped. Maybe I'm a complete idiot, but I can't for the life of me figure out what's wrong with my Kahler (Flyer).

The problem I'm having is that my stringlock won't... well, it won't lock my strings. I don't know what the deal is. I can tighten it as much as I want short of breaking it, and I can still easily change the pitch of my strings with my head tuners. The weird thing is, the middle two strings seem to lock fine, it's the top and bottom two strings that are giving me the problems. Someone please help me, I'm on the verge of killing my guitar.

Second question, the two screws on top of the saddles adjust the intonation, correct? Then how do you adjust the action?

EDIT: Something I just thought of... are Kahlers supposed to have a retainer bar? Because this one doesn't have one, but it looks like there never was one there in the first place....

This is the exact bridge:

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It sounds like you need a new strink lock, the one you have is really worn down. Don´t super tighten the new one or you´ll break it and it will do the same thing again.

No, they adjust the action. I couldn´t tell you how to adjust the intonation on the Flyer. Perhaps under the front of the saddles there is a screw?

No, you don´t need a retainer bar.

That trem looks like it hasn´t been very well maintained and I know the Flyers are old. If it´s been used a lot I´m going to guess the springs have worn down and need to be replaced and perhaps the rollers if they have strong grooves in them.
Thanks, Vlasco. Yeah, I don't know how well the bridge was taken care of, but I'm thinking the previous owner didn't really use this guitar much, at least in the last couple... decades.

And I don't think the springs need replacing, because they still feel pretty tight.

There's no way in h3ll I'm replacing the rollers, Kahler's charging like $30 a pop for them, I can't afford that! lol. I'm just going to have to make do with the ones I have. Besides, they're not in that bad shape, after oiling them up they seem to roll fine and there's much of a groove worn in on them.

I think the main thing is the stringlock, which is what I originally thought anyway. When I got it it had strings on it that looked and felt pretty old.
Alright, so long as it works with a new stringlock then there is no need to replace anything else.

The rollers should be sold as a set for less then 30 per roller when you need to replace them. That is assuming you can find a saddle set for the Flyer. I have no idea if they still sell them.
I've looked at the site, but the thing is that at that rate I'd be paying more than I payed for the actual guitar... I bought the guitar for $180, the string lock alone would be $40, plus $180 for all of the saddles replaced, that would be way more than I paid for the guitar in the first place! But by the looks of it the saddles should last me a while.... the only issue is when I pluck the low E string, the roller buzzes a little, but you can't hear it through the amp and I think that's just a setup issue anyway.

Also, there's a couple of different string locks.... I'm not sure which to get. Mine is "after the nut", so I think it's the first one in the list, but I wanted to make sure. Actually I'm positive it's the first one now that I take a closer look, but what the h3ll.

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You need the one on top.

Link me to where it says you need $180 for all the saddles...?
If the low E is buzzing use an allen key on the outermost screw hole so the saddle is slanted up slightly on that side, that will push it up tight to the next saddle and should reduce the vibrations.

If you look at the saddles end on you'll see an allen key hole through the middle of each one, that's how you adjust the intonation.
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