The Fender Tele Custom II


I am pretty much a beginner at electric but not at guitar playing, I really love Muse as you can tell and love playing their songs. I've read all over its a good guitar for its price and i really want UG's opinion on the guitar. Because my birthday is coming up I really think if i show my parents they would buy it.

BTW what amp should i get for it? A relatively cheap one but worth it, that can accept a lot of different pedals.
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Oscar Wilde
It looks like a good beginner's guitar. But if you want you could save up for little while and get something a little better. As you play longer your musical tastes might change. so it wouldnt hurt to buy a little bit more versatile guitar. But it you like this one go for it. And for an amp I would go with one of the Roland Cube amplifiers.
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not a bad purchase i would of gone with a tele with humbuckers but oh well. anyway what's your budget for your amp?
um not sure of the budget on the amp yet. i have one of those beginner fender amps though haha so i think i need an upgrade. just list some maybe below 200$
“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde