I would like to get myself into jazz fusion, so I am wondering where to start. Any recommendations for DVD's or something? Obviously, I should start with different scales (which ones exactly? I learned a few blues and others), what else?
First learn the ins and outs of all types of 7th chords in all types of inversions all over the neck. Then learn about modes and how they interact with each type of chord. I have no idea about DVDs and books, most of my jazz knowledge comes from jamming with jazz players and asking questions.
As Vlasco said, learn all of the 7th chords in all their inversions all over the neck, and also learn how to find the root note in each of them. Also learn some basic jazz chord progressions and how to apply them to all modes. And it's also important to learn at least some basic scales and know how to change between them, in all positions all over the neck again.
About DVD's or books, I don't know, sorry.
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Seems that I have a lot of work ahead of me. Thanks guys. One last thing - maybe any good sites that you know with all this stuff?
Listen to lots of jazz; learn lots of theory; forget that theory; transcribe as much jazz as you can; play what comes naturally as a result of this...

As for DVDs Scott Henderson's Melodic Phrasing is a must-have for any lead guitarist regardless of playing style in my book. A lot of the fusion guys ignore phrasing in their playing (jazz cats are guilty of this too)... To quote Mr Henderson "I'd rather hear Albert Collins drop his guitar than a jazz guy play endless streams of 8th notes" (paraphrased)

Frank Gambale's video is good too; I can't remember the name and I don't own it. I believe it's "Hi-Tech guitar" or something similar.

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