So I was sitting around today looking up guitar stuff...and for some reason I just got the itch to start looking to sell my GT-10 and possibly getting some pedals to replace it. But am I crazy? Should I even sell my GT-10?

I dont know what I would get if I do sell it...I just maybe am looking for a more...specialized sound? I know the GT-10 does a lot of things really well but are there pedals that do what they do better than the GT-10 does?

I play mostly rock and blues type stuff but I'll throw down some metal every once in awhile. I guess I can never really seem to get that awesome "chug" out of it...nor get that awesome SRV/Kenny Wayne Shepard blues tone. I also dont really know how to tweak the GT-10 to its full potential either yet so that might be what I need to do.

I just dont know I'm torn on the whole issue. I think I could get 400 all day for it so maybe just get like a OD pedal, a chorus, and a...I dont know lol.

Just looking to get some opinions folks. Thanks in advance.
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It really depends on how many effects you use constantly.

If it's only a few i.e. drive and delay or something, then yes, possibly.

If you're always using a load of effects. keep the GT for now; sell it later on when you're set on a couple of pedals. It's not like it sounds bad or anything, right?
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Why do you want to sell it? I think its a damn good unit you have there.

Oh its a great unit but with multi-fx pedals they never seem to REALLY excel at anything. The pedal does pretty much everything great I just cant seem to get that tone that just blows people away. But again that might be a tweaking issue I just dont know.
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Probably a tweaking thing dude. I've played ONLY one tube amp till date, but tonnes of multi fx processors. This one is SERIOUSLY good. You just need to spend enough time with it. Obviously doesn't beat a real tube amp, but still really cool.
Well if its a tweaking issue then my question becomes:

Does anyone know this pedal really well and can give me pointers on how to tweak it to get some awesome tones out of it?
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