Up until now, I've been borrowing a mates electric when i can, and mostly playing electric songs, on acoustic guitars - stupid maybe, but I'd rather not go through the process of learning one song twice.

Although his guitar is okay, I'd prefer to get a different one, which is why im not buying his.

Two guitars really caught my eye, bearing in mind I've only been playing about a month, and 3 weeks of that month was chords praticing (i still suck at them ^^)

The two guitars that caught my eye are:




Which are £400 and £500 respectively.

Are there better guitars for a beginner like me?

And what amp should I buy?

My style is mainly prog rock, with the odd rock or metal/nu metal song thrown in. Maybe a bit of coldplay and Muse when im in the mood.

And the top-end to my budget is about £550-600 including all the other gear id have to get (amp, etc)
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imo ditch the floating bridge on the ibanez for your first guitar it's more hassle then what you need. the second one well i hate the shape sould i would pass on that as well.

for your kind of stuff the ibanez rg321 + peavey vypyr is a good combo but i'm not sure if it will be within your budget.
yeah i would avoid that like the devils plague. i've used one and it's okay for the first 15 minutes and then after it just gets all to digital for my liking. there's also the roland cube to check out.
No, stay away from the Spiders.

Roland Cube 15/30 is what you want. Cheap too.

And guitars, forget the Minarik, Import taz, postage and RM handling fees will push it up. Look for something you can buy in Britain. I would get a Fender 60's Classic Player Strat, extremely versatile and moddable.
Any online retailers based in the uk i could get this stuff from?

Dolphin music doesn't have an rg321.
If you're willing to spend £500, a guitar I know is on Dolphin, Ibanez S470, with the quilted maple top, in Blue Moon Burst, stunning guitar.

That said however, it's not exactly a beginner guitar, like someone said, if you're a beginner and you start with a floating trem, you're kinda skipping a level, you might find changing strings difficult when it comes to it.
For about £350 quid you could get a roland cube 30 x and a b.c rich mockingbird masterpeice, certainly looks better than that second guitar
I've heard bad things about B.C riches.

I do find Ibanez's very comfortable to use.

It just seems i keep picking out floating tremolo ones.
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You can't give a beginner anything with an edge on it its like giving them the keys to a life time in hell, if your starting out and definatley want a floyd rose style bridge start with a jackson or esp before you get an ibanez with an edge, though the ibanez is an amazing guitar and i do love mine i wouldn't recomend it to a beginner.
The rgr420ex is amazing i bought it yesterday it sounds amazing through my marshall mg30dfx, ignore everyone who says line 6 spider amps are rubbish i use my friends for recording. As your a begginer if you want to play metal and looking at the guitars you do i would go for the rgr321ex with fixed bridge through a line 6 spider 3 it will be amazing.
I'd reccomend the second one. Ibanez are great quality and price, but I dont reccomend your first guitar having a tremolo. I know people who dont play their guitar because they damaged or lost peices to the tremolo. As for an amp, Dont listen to torbonater. Spiders are OK, but as the volume goes up, do does the suck. Mg's are also a No-No. Good amps would be Peavey Vypyrs, Vox Vaulvetronix,and Roland Cubes. To windy UK: I belive the BC Rich Masterpeice mockingbird has an Agathis body,, which some people belive is a bad wood. Most of what your paying for is the quilt maple top(very nice) and the Neck, which is either set or neck thru.
Bit of an update,

been number-crunching all day.

Decided to get an Ibanez RG321-EX and a roland cube 15w.

Should last me a long time.
good choice of guitar im not sure about the amp ive only ever played through a roland 30w and i hated it, but guitar kudos
Don't buy a new s-series ibanez...theyhave a sustain problem.
Also, buying either of those they're made in Indonesia, which are the lowest quality that ibanez has put forth. Indonesia = bad.

If you're looking to buy ibanez, look around for some used ones, thatre made in Korea or in japan (japan preferably). Look at the headstock.

Also, stay away from edge iii bridges, they suck.
Double locking trems aren't bad at
all, they boast the best tuning stability, way better than a fixed bridge. Once tuned they'll stay tuned for months. Learning how to do them can be valuable! If you plan on changing tunings often (like between dropd and standard) I wouldn't get a guitar with a locking trem.

Basically those guitars you listed will be OK, but they need to be setup very well, adjusted, etc to get them to a nice point. If you look for used and find a japan made ibanez... No comparison to the others.
I have a new MiK S470 and it does not have sustain issues. If you want a floating trem then learn how to use it/set it up. I started off with one and know them inside and out now. I am tired of people saying its too much hassle. IMO its too much lazy.

The Ibanez trems that come with ZPS (ZR/EZ) make tuning ALOT easier. Of course they not 100% free-floating like the OFR/EDGE but they can be converted.
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Go with the roland Cube 30... For the little price diffrence between the 15 and the 30 you get way more bang for your buck with the 30. When i bought my 15 the shop had no 30 to look at and a moth later i seen the 30. Asked the shop if i could up trade but they were not going to give me full price for my 15 so i was loosing money... what a piss off
I would, but I am very pushed for space at the moment. It's less a matter of price, and more a personal problem, lol. (Yes, if you're wondering, my room is that small, lol. It's hard to fit in a top end pc-rig and a bed, and a guitar in my room :P)

Also, I have 2 further queries.

The RG321-EX isn't a flying tremolo guitar is it?

And, does it matter a lot where my guitar was made for my first electric, if the most ill usually do is practice or jam with mates?
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Nope, that's a hardtail. Perfect for you.

And it's not really where it's made, it's just the quality of the build. If it's your first guitar, I wouldn't really be bothered by this..I mean unless your planning on never buying another guitar. I think everyone's just confusing you. The roland is great, the guitar is great, I think your set.
Haha, yeah, I was getting a bit confused.

I had no idea where it was made affects build quality.

Might go for the rg421-ex just for the paintjob, seeing as that's a hardtail too, im assuming, as Ibanez has them both in the same section. But yeah, i think im pretty much set.

Thanks all.
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Haha, yeah, I was getting a bit confused.

I had no idea where it was made affects build quality.

Might go for the rg421-ex just for the paintjob, seeing as that's a hardtail too, im assuming, as Ibanez has them both in the same section. But yeah, i think im pretty much set.

Thanks all.

Well see this is pretty much opinionated but pretty much it's a simple case of you get what you pay for if you paid $200usd for an american made guitar then it's going to be a piece of **** unless you were extremely lucky though some american companies produce the nicest guitars in america so that's not too say that all american built guitars are **** or good it's just you get what you pay for and to always try out guitars before you buy them.