So i'm writing this song where the first chord is Cmajor. Then i switch to F minor.

I thought originally I must've been in Fminor because of course the fifth chord is Cmajor.

But no other chords seem to work within that key. And when you play Fminor, it feels like it needs to be resolved.

And it clearly can't be in Cmajor, because the fourth would be Fmajor.

Can anyone tell me what key I'm in? Or even suggest what other chords i can use to keep it sinister.

Thanks alot
of course... c major isnt the fifth chord in the key of F minor.. C Minor is

and there could be a couple keys those two chords are in, there might not be any.
A mode of F harmonic minor
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I ran into some fingering issues. I can get it up to speed the way I've been fingering it, but I'm wondering if you guys have any better ideas, because it seems like there should be an easier way to finger this.

Don't worry there is Roc, there is
LOL READ THE CHORDS THE WRONG WAY ROUND. thought we were talking C minor and F major :P

i think your looking at F Mixolydian here- in which case we're looking at the following chords

C minor
D minor
Eb major
F major
G minor
Bb major
A minor b5

- effectively Bb major
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okay now i know what chords we're talking about, yeah F harmonic minor sounds good

other chords that could work well after the F minor are Ab Major, Bb major, Eb Major
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You're seem to be in F Harmonic Minor (Fm scale with a raised seventh... used a lot in classical music) Chords used in the scale:
Fm, Gmdim5, G#aug5, A#m, C, C#, Emdim5
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could easily be in c major and that you're jus usin the parallel minor of the F major
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F harmonic minor isn't a key, it's a scale. The key T/S is in is simply F minor, irrespective of the fact C major is not diatonic in F minor. The key isn't what scale a song fits into, the key is defined by the tonality established.

To T/S, common predominants (chords you use right before a dominant chord, which is your Cmajor chord) that sound good in minor tonality are ii (Dm in the key of F), iv (Bbm), bVI (Db7) and iio (Dm7b5). I would use one of these chords.
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Youre in C major. The Fm chord still fits in C major because F is the perfect fourth of C major, so you can make the fourth of C major or minor depending on what you need. I think.
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