Here is a song I was working on for a while now, but I'm bad at soloing therefore the song has no solo yet.
I'm still working on it, so any suggestions, tips would be very helpful and warmly accepted.

EDIT: Re-uploaded the song after some changes.
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I've forgotten how much I love some old school thrash. Very little to crit here, riffs were great, drums were great.

The timing of that one riff in the prechorus was a little strange. I'd suggest trying to put the two dotted 16th next to eachother (the A and A#) and then having the D note after it just a normal 16th.

The chords in the chorus were a little odd sounding too. Not bad exactly, just unexpected. I'd suggest either hammering onto, or pulling off of the 5th of the chord, or just going with the train powerchord. Then again, you could just leave it the way it is too

Otherwise, nothing to really crit, except maybe the lack of a solo, but you've already mentioned that.

That outro riff is rather epic by the way.
Thank you very much, icronic.
I have always played the pre-chorus the way you said it, never really knew how to fix it until now. Thank you for that as well
I'll try your idea for the chorus thing, could work really well, you know?
I'm lack of bridge and solo, which sticks cause I'm out of ideas for now, but hopefully I'll finish it.
I'm glad you liked the outro thing, I'm also going to work on it on the slides part now.
Once again, thank you very much for your feedback.
I dig the intro but the chorus kind of leaves something lacking. I dont know my only idea is to make some of the riffs a bit more catchy. Otherwise this was pretty good.
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good shot man, good shot at this, very chromatic and evil haha tho it needs one thing - a kickkkkkk ass solo and i would like it if it was faster
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to be honest, this sounded pretty standard. notice I didn't say generic cause it's not but it's definitely right along the lines of what I expected from a thrash song. take that as you will.

but the main thing was, it was slow. quite a bit faster and the blood will be flowing
also, the main riff is a 4/4 riff. this is a huge pet peeve of mine in T&C. many people don't put "correct" time sigs. you're giving the dotted eighth note the beat there. tap your foot along with it. it's obviously in 4/4 and impossible to count in 3/4. just a penny for your thoughts. I don't want to sound rude cause I'm saying this with the most delicacy I can over the internet

but overall, I really liked it. I had to skip over some parts that repeated but only cause the tempo seemed way slow. but some good riffs. nice flow. good work

and I think the chorus needs a cool lead line over it
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Reminded me of The Colony of Birchmen, I think that's their name..

Intro / Verse I were good, I liked the transition

Prechorus was kinda wierd, but that's because of GP.

Chorus sounds pretty cool, I suggest on the fourth chord, going up instead of going down though.

After this it started to seem repetitve, but I'm hardly one to talk about repitition, I've worked on it, and I think it's coming out pretty good. You should consider trying new riffs. For both versions maintaining the same choruses and on the last chorus making it very powerful. Also if you were to write a solo keep a newish or different than the same riff you already used. The outro was like super heavyish type to me great..!

8/10 Work on that It's good
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the intro riff is good nice and thrashy the verse is good but imo you should change the drums in the verse after one go through just a thought the prechorus is a nice change of pace very nice. the chorus was good i liked the chords actually. after that it was repetitive after the chorus you should do a lil interlude or something maybe a really fast thrashy part that will start the mosh pit going. the end is good but too slow in my opinion and im guessing your going to fade out the end. very good riff to fade out on. you should speed up the song by around 20 beats because it overall is too slow. good thrash song but too repetitive.
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I liked it, verse riff is good, pre-chorus fits well, the chorus was also well done and would sound good with vocals. Outro reminds me of black metal actually.

The only thing you need to do is increase the speed a bit.

I honestly don't know how to crit this, since I don't listen to this genre of music, but it sounds tight, some of the guitar riffs are pretty innovative (now I wouldn't know if they are generic or whatever because like i said, I don't listen to this genre) they sound cool, and the heavy vibratos usually suck, but it kinda fit in this song. I love the intro half time, that sounds so cool.


Yes, poop.
Overall, very sweet!

The Pre-Chorus rules!

The only thing that needs any serious work is the chorus, really. 4th+8 chord is a great idea, I just don't think it was best executed.
I don't have much criticism except that if this ever gets recorded I better not hear anything but Chuck Schuldiner styled vocals over this.

8/10 man.
needs a solo
mix up the drums in the outro a little, that bass beat doesn't work very well
don't play that pre-chorus riff so many times, it's too slow and not interesting enough to beat the listener over the head so much, 2 or 3 repeats is plenty
unless you want vocals over that part? that might help
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