i recently bought a 12 string (it's a nice tanglewood, but that's unrelated), and i was wondering if anyone could recommend some good 12 string songs.

(i know about Stairway, Hotel California and Wish you were here; but that's as far as my knowledge goes.)
the acoustic bits on boston - more than a feeling are played on 12 string i think. Also check out stevie ray vaughn - life by the drop, not sure if he plays it with a 12 string but I always think it sounds better played with one!
As tears go by-Rolling stones
Patience-Guns n Roses
Behind blue eyes-The Who

And a hard one:
Pride and joy-SRV
there is a clip from it on youtube
Buckethead- For Mom (early version). Brilliant song.
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
Don't limit your self as anything can be played on a 12 string (well almost)...try Lucky by Radiohead or Different Strings by Rush for instance