I was considering buying the Fender Deluxe Blackout Telecaster, so I went to my local shops to try one out. None of the stores have it in stock, nor will they order it unless I purchase it. While I was there, I tried out the MIM Standard, MIA Standard, and MIM Nashville Telecasters, and I loved all of them. I researched the Blackout, and according to the specs on the Fender website it is very similar to the Nashville, which was my favorite out of those I tried. Unfortunately only the MIM Standard and Blackout are in my price range, so should I buy the MIM Standard (which I have played), or the Blackout (which I have not played)?
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well fenders quality control is efficient, so if the guitars ARE similar then i think you should go for it
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if you aren't that confident then stick with the standard but if you are willing to risk the chance of having a dud model then get the blackout.
I'm not a big tele fan, but that nashville is really nice. A friend picked up one used for $350. Have you considered used?
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