The song can be found on my profile. I used the distortion from my Zoom h4 portable recorder for the guitars. The bass is midi, the drums are EZdrummer. Any criticism on the mix/song would be appreciated.
your sound is excellent. the drums are well done and the guitar tone is pretty good. hard to hear the bass but i know thats common for this style of music. the song itself is kinda generic sounding there really wasn't anything that stood out until the last 20 seconds of the song. probably would benifit from some leads to spice things up some. i'll admit i'm not a huge death metal fan (i hate cookie monster vocals) so maybe i'm not getting it totally. a great effort with tons of potential.

being a fossil i play older style metal and hard rock so here's my stuff

I like your tone. What did you use to record?

Platters of Splatter
The blast part at 0:37 is great, I love that. The song itself kinda reminds me of old dying fetus. Only thing negative I could think of is I would definitely add a solo or some leads in there on a second track to spice it up a bit. Other than that I enjoyed it!