Got this email the other day

Hey man, how's Thailand? I'm emailing to be an utter asshole and tell you that both me and Amrit are leaving ADD. He told me earlier that he was gonna leave, and I felt that since he is I might as well too. I've had my doubts for a while about the band, and I (and Amrit actually) both feel like it won't get very far, and we also just don't really want to make the kind of music you do. We do like it, it's just the sort of thing we want to do. Sorry. Lots. And I'm fairly adamant about leaving this time - I said I'd stay before because I felt kind of bad, but this time I'm not coming back. Very sorry man, I think you're awesome and hope we can keep talking and stuff. But. Yeah.


(and Amrit too but he's a pussy and asked me to email for him)

*sigh* lol...I met the drummer off this local ads thing...so why did he ask if he could be apart of this when it wasnt his thing :S
sucks braaah

just roll with the punches and find new guys. no sense in creating animocity
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i dont see how its utterly horrible.. if you guys met through classifieds then he probably just wanted to try you guys out and see if you were right for him. personally i think he didnt do anything wrong, but im really hating on amrit atm... grr.. amrit.
Zach I didn't leave the band . I will still be in it if you decide to find another drummer and bassist, unless you're just going to focus on the pop/punk thing now ?

Much love Kelvjy .

PS. I want a go on your new guitar when you get back from Thailand
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TS - it sucks that it happened, but the guy was very cool about the whole thing - at the end of the day its not in anyone's interest for a band to stay together when different members have different goals that can't be reconciled.

Find another guy, but this one did the right thing for himself and you - good luck!
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