I know that it's not one single thing that makes the tone of an instrument, but what makes my electric double bass a whole bucket more bassy than my jazz bass? I have a stagg EDB3/4 electric double bass and a squier vintage modifed jazz bass.

It can't be the wood, as both basses are made of 100% maple, but the body and neck of the double is waaaaaaay bigger than the jazz. I'm thinking the scale length will be a major factor, as the jazz bass is a puny 34" whereas the double is 40". Also, the jazz bass has passive magnetic pickups, and the double has an active piezo pickup in the bridge.

The fat body and the fat strings makes sense, but i thought that peizos were thinner and scratchier than magnetics? Tis puzzling.
Myabe because it's double the bass?

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metalheadblues: i'm using the same amp, but yeah...it's probably the pickups
The body of a double bass resonates a lot more, which makes it a lot tastier. Thats pretty much what it comes down to, ability to resonate. And double/upright basses trump electrics in every way when it comes to that
Also the scale length is alot longer(presuming your using a 3\4 size) i always feel this helps aot more.
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If the double bass has flats this will make a big difference
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It's probably a combination of the strings (most likely flats), the pickups (piezo) and the fact that it's fretless. The flats will give a much smoother and bassier sound regardless of whether it's an electric bass or double bass. IMO piezo pickups bring out the natural sound of a bass much more than regular pickups, which in your case is bassy anyway. That fact that it's fretless will also accentuate the lower frequencies because frets give the tone a more brighter zingier sound. Hope that helps.
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Do what I did, and fit a magnetic pup in it.
Precision pups will work well because of the curved bridge.

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The fat body and the fat strings makes sense, but i thought that peizos were thinner and scratchier than magnetics? Tis puzzling.

It's because one is active and one is passive.
The active piezo has a whole lot more output than a passive magnetic one.

Playing it live is also a bitch, especially if you're running it through any fuzz or distortion, because

1. It feedbacks loads.
2. Every time you move it the sound comes through the amp in the form a load "DONK", which is never nice.