Hey guys

I'm just starting to learn guitar. Looking for any advice about how to do the basics and what I should be doing. Can't really afford a teacher at the moment so looking to teach myself. Do you think I will be able to learn to play decent by teaching myself?

I might think about getting a teacher in a few months if not.

I have an acoustic so will mainly be playing pop and country. Anyone know what chords or areas of the neck or whatever to get some cool country sounds?

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There are TONS of websites that will give you easy instructions on just about everything you need to learn for the guitar. But if you are new stay away from those sites till you learn some things. This site has more than enough to get you started and playing songs within a short time.
Go to the lesson area and learn about basic strumming, timing, and rhythm. The go to the TAB area and find you some songs you like AND that you have or can play so you can play along with them. Get the ones that are CHORDS right now. Once you build up your strumming and rhythm then the best area to get into is learning SCALES. Learning the scales will increase your speed and get you familiar with the fret board. GOOD lessons are the best way to do it but if you are like me and don't have alot of money to spend every week learn as much of the BASICS then get the lessons and you will be way ahead.