Learn a few open chords, barre chords and the minor and major pentatonic scales.
If you want to play electric, start by buying an amp/guitar pack. When you get better, sell it and buy something a little better.
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Practice is the only thing that matters. Also, learn classical guitar.
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I just posted this for another new player.

There are TONS of websites that will give you easy instructions on just about everything you need to learn for the guitar. But if you are new stay away from those sites till you learn some things. This site has more than enough to get you started and playing songs within a short time.
Go to the lesson area and learn about basic strumming, timing, and rhythm. The go to the TAB area and find you some songs you like AND that you have or can play so you can play along with them. Get the ones that are CHORDS right now. Once you build up your strumming and rhythm then the best area to get into is learning SCALES. Learning the scales will increase your speed and get you familiar with the fret board. GOOD lessons are the best way to do it but if you are like me and don't have alot of money to spend every week learn as much of the BASICS then get the lessons and you will be way ahead.
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Don't give up...you'll get there.
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It will help you SO MUCH if you decide to take guitar seriously, and its easier to learn when starting out.
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Dont jump in at the deep end!!! I.E Dragon force and s**t!

You just wont be able to play it and it'll p*ss you off.

But then i could be wrong and you could be a musical prodigy!

Just start slow, even if it means learning songs you don't like or wouldn't really want to play. It all helps.
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Practice is the only thing that matters. Also, learn classical guitar.

Practice is very important but classical guitar is just optional, dude....

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often you will hit a plateau and think that you can't improve, when that happens, try to practice a different style, and learn some new techniques to augment your playing.
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* Use the search bar feature on UG in the forums before starting a thread (That wasn't a "searchbar joke", It's sound advice ).

* Learn how to read chord boxes/diagrams. You should get this one down first IMO. It will get you learning simple songs FAST.

* Learn Guitar Tab. This one is what you should learn pretty much off the bat.

* Learn all major and minor chords. That's A through till G.
the "inbetween" chords aren't so important right now.
Now that you have a few chords under your fingers, practice changing between them, aim for almost 20-30 changes Per minute. Once you can do that, learn a song! something that uses chords is a no brainer, something like greenday, and a few foo fighters songs.

* Learn to read sheet music. It's not the first thing you should do, but you should do it pretty damn soon.

* I don't want to start every point with the word "Learn" but please stay with me

* Teach yourself ( ) major and minor scales as well as AT LEAST 1 out of 5 pentatonic scales. If you feel fruity, then learn all 5. Take it easy though.

* Techniques. This is stuff like Alternate picking, String bending, Vibrato ect.

uhhh. I'll add to this as stuff comes into my head i suppose.

There's ofc the golden rules... Well, my version of the golden rules.

- If it hurts, stop. As a complete beginner, it will probably hurt after 10 mins, perhaps not even that. Just stop for a bit and come back to it later.

- (if you are teaching someone else, and you aren't the beginner then take no offence or whatever to me referring to you as a beginner).

- Don't buy a marshall MG... seriously. OR a Spider III, or a Fender Frontman. if it's all you can afford at this stage, then fine. Buy it, but i wouldn't stick with it for too long.

- Take your time. DON'T try learning all major or minor chords in one day, spread it all out over time, you aren't in a race. ( and if you are, take it slow anyway, you will get much better QUALITY).

- I'm being F***ing serious, take your time.

- Buy a metronome, a guitar tuner and ofc a guitar if you haven't already .

All the other experianced guys are free to rip this post to pieces, just go easy on me.
Ill check back in a few hours, and edit this post if there are any suggestions.
Buy an acoustic and learn to play, dont buy any crap starter packs.
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Listen to the three P's:


Always practice. Everyday. No excuses. Seriously.

Be patient. If you rush through stuff you will become a sloppy player.

Perfect everything. Don't let something sloppy pass.

I'd also like to say, that learning chords, learning music theory and learning sheet music is not needed at all if you're playing any genres of metal. Music theory is needed if you're soloing, but that's really just memorizing a scale. Learning chord names and sheet music will be a waste of time IMO if you're going to be a metal guitarist.

I'd second getting a metronome, and I'd also second downloading TuxGuitar (or buying Guitar Pro) to help your timing.
Get together with other musicians as soon as possible. Playing with others will help your playing alot and you will learn a great deal from others.
Have Patience.
If you can't do something and you keep trying and trying and trying but you still can't get it, don't fret, play whatever you're playing slower OR if that doesn't help, put down the guitar and go to bed.

Honestly, that works (that's how I learned to juggle...)
Playing the guitar well takes alot of time and practice so don't worry when it seems tough to begin with.

To start with learn all the easy open chords like D, C , E ,G etc

Once you can strum them cleanly then start to practice changing between chords. The main advice is to keep your strumming hand going even when you make a mess of changing chords to begin with.

When you can change chords fairly cleanly you can then start to learn simple songs.

The final thing to learn is strumming patterns. This will make the songs you learn sound alot better.

It will take you several months to learn all the above well so good luck and don't forget its about about doing plenty of quality practice.

Speed is a byproduct of accuracy. Always be accurate, playing fast means nothing if it's just a bunch of garbled junk. Just because you're the fastest player in the world doesn't mean you're accurate.
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Have fun. Don't stress about guitar, it's about having fun. Don't learn theory if you don't want to.

Also, don't let guitar take over your life. Don't do what I did, because it's sad.
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Quote by Guitar2theface

It will help you SO MUCH if you decide to take guitar seriously, and its easier to learn when starting out.

I disagree completely. I think some people, me included, would have been very discouraged if my first year or so of playing was learning to read and play sheet music. No need for that until later, IMO. I'd say learn your open chords first, and songs that use them. (i.e. House of the Rising Sun, Simple Man, Free Bird) That makes playing fun immediately.
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bring an open mind when you learn guitar, don't be a music genre elitist.


I can't tell you how many people limit their learning because they're so set on one method, genre, etc.
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