I want to record riffs mostly so I can replay them and listen if some other riff sounds good over it. Looked at the Zoom h4n 'cause it also could record to computer and with it you get Cubase, would be cool to maybe save riffs on my comp and send to my bandmembers or others.

So, I mostly play metal so my riffs are mostly for electric guitar with dist so don't really know if the Zoom h4n will be able to help me with this. I like it because it has good mics so I can record acoustic plus if I want to sing along(which I shouldn't do with my lousy voice but it's fun ).

So, what I want is a faily cheap recording device with:
Mic for acoustic, possibility to record electric guitar and itself adds dist and maybe an EQ integrated in it, atleast 2 channels so I can listen to the other track whilst recording another riff/solo over it, possibility to connect to my PC with a USB-cable. And for budget, nothing over 400$
Well I use Protools LE8 + an MBox2 and it was $300 but it probably does more than you need it for, try Reaper with an audio interface.
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Not intended as a flame, but you have no idea what you are getting into.

First of all,

Recording interfaces don't add distortion, and none that I can find have an EQ. The way they work is that they have built in microphone preamps that can add gain yes, but not in the way you want. 2nd of all, the recording software allows you to have multiple tracks. I am gonna suggest Reaper. It is a 30 day free to use program, and if you like it, you can donate $60 to reaper (suggested as it's awesome) or you can continue to use it for free. This is an amazing program and is not crippled in any way.

I am gonna suggest this:


It comes with an interface, a condenser mic for vocals or acoustic guitar, a mic stand, a hosa cable and a set of monitors.

This still allows you to buy a dynamic mic (preferably a Shure SM57) to record electric guitar.
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Well do you want a computer interface or a recorder
An interface is pretty much a sound card that you plug in the USB bus if your computer, and those record directly on your hardrive.
A recorder is a device that records on its internal memory.
It depends what are your needs, a protable recording is cool since you can take it anywhere, whoever an interface makes thing simpler cause you record everything in your recording software, and therefore makes the mixing easier. It all depends on what you need. Another thing to consider in your choice is your computer, if you have a sh***y computer, an interface will be useless.