Hey, i got a Fender strat recently, but i cant stand using it with overdrive/distortion because of the amount of feedback i get,
can anyone reccomend any pedals/how to use them well with a fender strat?
btw i have a KOA strat, seymour duncan pickups.

a noise gate/ suppressor can only do so much and they do eat your tone... I dont know what the the inside of your guitar looks like but

Is it properly grounded?
Is the inside shielded from emi?
Are they the proper pots and caps for the sd pickups?

DO those things will improve your sound a LOT. THere arent very expensive modifications but worth every penny. After that if the hum gets to you too much still then you can get a noise gate.
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If all else fails, the ISP Decimator is a great noise suppressor. It's easy to use and gets the job done well.
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and the decimator doesnt suck ur tone (at least as much as other noise gates)
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