Gonna be modding a mexican standard strat soon, and I'm trying to figure out what will work best. I want humbuckers, but don't want to lose the strat sound, just beef it up for harder rock songs with higher gain. I was considering buying the billy corgan strat, but this option is about half the price. Think that kind of sound though, alternative rock, but not metal. Think Pumpkins, Nirvana, Bloc Party, Dinosaur Jr., even hardcore stuff like Black Flag. Pretty much any hard rock that isn't metal!

So I was thinking at first, the dimarzio bc signature pickups from the corgan strat at bridge and neck and the chopper in the middle, exactly the same as corgans strat. But I'm thinking maybe I should just get a more rock oriented single coil for the middle, such as - http://www.swinesheadpickups.co.uk/dragonfly.shtml

That would give a little more variety too

Love the idea of custom colours on that too!

Would this be a good sounding set up HSH? With those pickups? Or would the 2nd and 4th switch positions just produce a rubbish sound?

I wanna keep the single coil look and not do any routing so any suggestions for alternative pickups to these in that shape? Anything with a good distorted tone that doesn't sound dead clean, that suits the sound I'm after?

Oh and is it cheap/easy to install a killswitch?

A few of those players use single coil guitars, So you can still get a good Hi-gain sound. But I would try Seymou Duncan Cool or Hot Rails or Fender Hot noiseless Pickups.
seymour duncan hot rails sounds like what you want.
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Bear in mind you can't get both full humbucker tones and true singlecoil tones in one guitar. You can get singlecoils that have a little more bass and a bit less noise, or you can get humbuckers with a bit less bass and a bit more clarity, but you can't get both precise tones at once. It's just not physically possible.
So try and consider what is more important to you, the singlecoil clarity or the humbucker's extra power, remembering that whichever one you choose, you're going to mostly lose the other. Once you've decided that, then you can start to figure out what pickups will be best.

I'll also say Swineshead pickups are indeed fantastic, I have the Dragonfly in the neck of my Telecaster and it's one of the best singlecoil tones I've ever found. It's also actually less noisy than the Fender Vintage Noiseless pickup in the bridge, bizarrely. Swineshead are also just really nice people, their service is excellent and if you get in contact with them and ask nicely (and are prepared to pay quite a bit more), they'll make nearly any pickup you want. They don't have the options up on their site any more, but they used to commonly offer pickup logo engraving and inscriptions, custom pickup shapes, any custom pickup mods or windings, etc etc. Now they don't openly offer those, you need to e-mail them and if your request is reasonable and you have the money to back it up then they'll still do most mods. If you tell them the exact sort of sound you want, they will often be able to advise you on what pickup would do that best or if they don't know of one they will often offer to make you one specifically for that tone.
However as you can see on their site, they're not taking any orders at the moment as they have a huge backlog of orders to complete first. So give them a couple of months.

There's also Juicy Pickups, who are basically the same deal - get in touch with them and so long as you're prepared to pay a premium, Lucy will make you a unique pickup by hand to meet your exact requirements. Again though, it's not cheap.
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