i've just finished this song, which took ages for what it is.
thankfully this one's 7 mins shorter than my last one.

it's got a middle eastern sounding riff and i based it off an old one i wrote a while ago.
solo sucks but i was lost for how to do one.
but i give it a try anyways


it's called 'Spritualism Or Nothing'
c4c as always.
you're right the solos sucked. the playing wasn't bad per se but it didn't fit the song at all. resist the urge to play a blazing wank fest and do what works for the song. i'd suggest finding some middle eastern scale patterns and going from there. i really liked the rest of the song it has a cool atmosphere about it and is kind of forboding. the bass could use a little work and be a little more interesting but otherwise a very professional sounding song.

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I liked it, the drums gave it a great groove and the general feel of the song was kind of chilled and ominous at the same time. Keep it up dude!
yeah just jamming on a 2 chord riff and came up with stuff to go around it. just the solo was off. lol
Really like the riffs, I love eastern exotic type stuff. Solo needs more melody to it though. Maybe try to come up with a solo riff or something. The whammy spazing at the end of the solo, along with the feel of the rest of the song, really reminded me of The Thing That Should Not Be. Could use vocals but not necessary. Good job overall.

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