The playing itself is not bad, but the main thing that's missing (at least imo) is being more aware of the chord tones, and when to focus on the 1, 4, and 5. I'm not saying become like a machine that just plays those notes when their bars come around, but if you're constantly aware of them, the melody will be more cohesive and will probably flow better.

In terms of going forward, I'd recommend taking a really hard blues song, and learning it completely. Break it down in a program like audacity, slow down every part, and learn the whole thing, and NO TAB!!! Part of good blues (and really good improvisation in general) is being able to perfectly replicate the melody in your head. Learning without tab and just from your ear will help with that tremendously.

Some song recs are:
- Basically any SRV song (Pride and Joy or Texas Flood are always good)
- Red House -Hendrix
- Crossroads -Clapton
- etc.

You might not be able to nail the songs (the solos particularly) but learning the parts and analyzing how they fit on the blues scale will be very helpful.

Good luck
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don't get down on yourself cuz the playing itself is fine. Its not that the bends are always out of tune because thats not true. it is lacking the emotion like you said. its hard to describe how to find that the only way i did it was constant practicing. listen to something like this: listen to the solos

a good way to add more emotion to bluesy soloing is something like a pick scrape i forget what its called but you pick harder and add just enough vibrato. i might post a vid of this later
What your were playing wasn't bad at all. It just needs a little more "oomph". The main thing to work on would definitely be your bends though. And you HAVE to develop your vibrato.
ok plenty of good tips il start working out from here

also bookmarked this page for future reference
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