I'm just figuring out how to put a song together using fl studio, and audacity and I made this 1:22 piece earlier. I'm playing bass and guitar through my Line 6 toneport, and doing everything else through fl studio. I would appreciate and feedback, constructive criticism.


Also, I've only been playing guitar for 7 months, and Bass for 2.

I am however pretty pleased with how it all flowed together
ok for the amount of time you've been playing its pretty good. you need work on your phrasing for the guitar parts, you have a nice idea but lack the skill to really make it flow. that will come in time so keep at it. the bass really does nothing for the song. once again you're learning so no biggie you'll have a greater understanding of the role bass plays in songs with more experience. gotta say i wish that all the stuff that you can do now was available back when i statrted playing (30 years ago) as it really helps to advance your playing skills. keep at it you have lots of potential.

here's me www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1163552
that was very good. many people have problems playing a full song from start to finish when they are first starting out and tend to learn just the intro or main riff. although it was good, it wasn't perfect. experiment experiment experiment is all i have to say.

i have a few song in my profile if you wanna listen/comment.